Financial Planning with a Personal Touch

Often, first-time visitors to Ambassador Wealth Management think solely in terms of dollars and cents. They are soon surprised to learn that our team’s initial focus is on a different set of numbers: the number of items on your bucket list, the number of adventures you’ve yet to experience, and the number of people near and dear to your heart. The way we gauge financial success transcends investment returns and bottom lines because you are more than the sum of these parts. Simply, we embrace a more human side of money.

By placing your hopes and dreams at the center of your financial plan, we help you navigate your future in a manner that aims to enhance your life and reflects your values. Along the way, we strive to stay connected, to engage in important conversations, and to answer your pressing questions. The relationship that develops from these genuine interactions allows us to pursue your best interests when determining the route we take and the portfolio we craft.

Explore our process to get a sense of how we make planning personal.


During our first meeting, achieving clarity is our main objective. We start by listening to what’s most important to you—your goals, your passions, and your desires. This understanding of your unique story lays the groundwork for a strong partnership and aids us in identifying your present and future motivations and priorities.


Once we know where you are and where you want to go, our team carefully selects the creative strategies that inspire confident financial decisions. We employ years of experience to analyze your current assets, subsequently drafting a plan that is tailored to your individual and family needs. Our ultimate aim is to ensure our advice provides a purpose for your wealth.

Plan Presentation

A vital part of our process occurs when we sit down with you to review our recommended strategies. Your feedback grants us further insight into how we can align your greatest aspirations with your wealth plan. Following this meeting, we make any necessary changes and move towards initiating your chosen course of action.


In this phase, the energy we’ve invested in designing your plan comes to fruition. Our team keeps a watchful eye on your allocations, tracking progress and noting areas of growth opportunities. The fun part is witnessing how our collaboration leads to financial confidence.


Throughout your journey, circumstances will evolve and challenges may arise. Thus, you can count on us to meet with you regularly to revisit and update your plan, giving you the confidence to pursue your goals. Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of these meetings, offering you a distinct vision of how to pursue your destination.