Our Mission

Live With Purpose

Just as life leads us to forks in the road, it also places the right people on our path. For our founder, Petr Burunov, guidance is not only a passion, it’s also a practice he learned firsthand from those who helped him when he faced his own crossroads. Whether it was his grandfather teaching him real-world skills or his college professor encouraging him to explore a career in business, Petr’s life was enriched by others who stood by him in times of growth, change, and even uncertainty.

The men and women who pointed Petr in the direction of success inspired him to be a compass and a voice for others. In 2013, he started Ambassador Wealth Management, an independent advisory firm committed to positively influencing clients through education and mentorship. Goal-oriented and family-first, we breathe new life into financial planning by combining compassionate leadership with service that goes above and beyond.

The secret to our passion factor lies in our mission to build relationships that help you navigate life with purpose. Petr’s experiences as an accountant and advisor and as a husband and father provide a framework for advice that is enhanced when we get to know you on a variety of levels – from your role as a professional to your role as a parent, and everything in between. Our team is thrilled to join you on your one-of-a-kind journey, together deciding which road may lead to greater fulfillment.

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