Your Financial Compass

At times, your financial landscape can seem frustratingly complex. Because our mission is to help you live with purpose, we do everything we can to alleviate your stress, allowing you to shift your attention to the more enjoyable aspects of life. Thus, we use our many resources to assemble a customized portfolio that brings you a blend of appropriate services, including retirement planning, estate planning, educational planning, asset management, risk management, charitable giving, and more. The resulting wealth plan defies one-size-fits-all, utilizing our problem-solving abilities to pursue preserving capital in ever-changing economic climates and move you in the direction of your dreams.

In addition to being a CFP®, Ambassador Wealth Management’s president, Petr Burunov, also holds a degree in accounting. This background provides insight, making Petr particularly adept at foreseeing the tax consequences of your decisions. Depending on your situation, his detailed perspective could help you uncover savings or restructuring opportunities, introduce tax-efficient investments, take advantage of tax deferral options, exercise tax loss harvesting, or form sophisticated tax-efficient structures. 

Our full-service mentality champions follow-through and teamwork, not only within our walls but also outside of our practice. We are happy to partner with your existing attorneys, CPAs, or other professionals to streamline your affairs. With all of your experts working together, you gain organization in your previously complicated financial life.

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